a haiku about eyelash extensions.

Friday, January 24, 2014

this picture makes it seem like i actually take myself seriously. ha! how misleading. blame the lashes. 

eyelash extensions. 
i'm a utahan now, hrmph. 
more diet coke, please. 

my tenth grade english teacher is probably squirming with delight. i am now sporting eyelash extensions for the third time because hello, i'm an official utah resident now. i still can't decide how i feel about them. i feel like they are magical yet entirely separate from my face. y'know? far too fancy + a touch too sassy...but, oh! how they flutter! i sometimes feel them tickling my eyebrows which makes me wonder : are my lashes too long or my brows too bushy? the things that keep me up at night.


  1. girl, you are so funny! haha
    i love eyelash extensions--but I felt the same way after i got them--uhoh, i'm a real utahn now. ha
    but now i've had them for a year and i am ADDICTED ha!

  2. The saddest thing is when you take them off, your lashes underneath turn into the wimpiest thinnest depressing-est things.

  3. If you still can’t decide how you feel about eyelash extensions, the just look at how beautiful you are with them on. I think you’re still not used to the feeling, but once you do, I think you’ll realize the price you paid for is worth it.

    Nathaniel Holt @ Detail Woman


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