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Friday, August 2, 2013

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this summer has been so good to me. like, mind-boggling type good. sure, there's been some thing that haven't gone accordingly to plan and some weeks we just sit at home and watch vampire diaries (correction: jeff watches vampire diaries) and eat english muffins but hey! for the most part it has been wonderful. and really, doesn't every one want a week or two of netflix + carbohydrates? thought so.

last night as i was editing a wedding at my ikea desk that jeff had set up hours earlier, i felt content. it was most probably because i was listening to lana del rey with my bra off, but that's besides the point. i could hear jeff chatting to morgan + paige about vampires in the other room and are you really team stephan? i could have sat there forever. i feel so happy where i am at in my life right now. ewww, am i getting sappy here? i don't even know. blame it on the lana.

this summer has been such an indicator to me of how little it takes to feel happiness. i have realized that all it actually takes is my jeffrey. aw, my jeffrey. i could write a sonnet about him. or five sonnets because remember how they are only fourteen lines! ha! for a long while, i thought we were so peculiar. we just aren't super blog cute, you know? seldom does he write me ballads about the way my hair flows in the wind or bring me waffles in bed just because i was such a delight to sleep next to. actually, no that has never happened (i'm a bed hog. oops). nor has he ever walked in the door with an arm full of flowers and a puppy or three.

but woof. he does so much more than that. i didn't realize that i needed a jeff stapleton, but guys! i needed one. he supports all of my wild and ever-changing dreams (for example, in one week i said i want to be a magazine writer! and then i want to be a health teacher! and he said "do it. you'd be awesome!" to both of 'em without even flinching. he was even mildly sincere). i feel like he is my springboard. you know? before i always felt this rush of nerves when i was starting something new; what if i fail?! what will people think!? but with jeff around, i know that even if i am the worst wedding photographer in. the. world, he will still be there at the end of the day. probably in basketball shorts and a button down because that's how jeff stapleton lounges?

he's my guy. he gets my need for commotion all around me (let's go to idaho! let's go to michigan! let's move! let's go to california!), but also gets that i get over-whelmed at the thought of packing and if the bed is not made in the morning, my life is sort of over.
he just gets me. or at least pretends to. i'm a complex human, you know?

awww. i just adore him. he brings out my sappy bone that will start admitting how much i want babies and a garden and why are bunnies so cute?! he makes me huggy and lovey and makes me feel like my quirks are totally okay. no really, they're fine!

and i'm done. i'm done! it's just that the world needs more jeff stapleton's. he's just a good egg. and mine. maha!

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this post actually was supposed to be a love note to july but hey, our one year anniversary is tomorrow so this seems fitting? eh?


  1. probably my favorite post ever. so cute.

  2. Ahhh, I love this post Brooke. You guys are the greatest and really deserve each other. You're very blessed to have a guy that supports your creative craziness. Sorry I wasn't so keen on the health teacher idea ;) Happy Anniversary and love you both!

  3. love this and love the picture...


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