june! june! june!

Monday, June 3, 2013

it's juuuuuuune. (ha. announcing dates always reminds me of how my dear and wonderful and perfect dad would walk in to a room and announce the time with raised eyebrows and then just walk out, as if we were supposed to understand what he meant by, "it's five thirty two.") when did this happen?!

i'm notorious for loving the month of may, so much so that i've written a few love notes addressed to it. may makes me want to slooooow down and ease into the summer because once it's here, it's gone just as fast. may is season finales + the final weeks of high school + wasn't i just starting to enjoy spring? man, i miss that rain (i don't miss the rain).

meh, now i'm babbling. onwards! to better things!

like june! it's june, dudes. let me say it one more time for good measure : june, it is. and what the heck does june means?! june means bike rides to work that make me want to gauge my eyes out because heavens, a twelve mile round trip + a backpack can make for the sweatiest of backs. june means two (count 'em : TWO) trips up to my beloved northern idaho to pick up my sister + win a three-on-three basketball tournament (are you reading this team?! we are going to win. i'm not driving twelve hours for nuttin'). june means a bug bite riiiiiiight by my nostril that most probably could be mistaken for a nasty pimple...but it's a bug bite...i swear it is (...it's a zit. it's totally a zit). june means my sisters here + weddings + monsters inc. III + driving around with the windows down (and a.c. on...utah heat is dry + deadly).

cheers june, cheers.


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