my family was in town! yippity pip. also a baby that doesn't like like a turtle. gasp.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

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i've been playing a real life gave of ping pong with my family. they visit me, i visit them, they visit me (to see the baby of course!), i visit them. and so on and so forth. but i ain't mad. family time is my favorite time, especially when it involves my mom's homemade enchiladas + cake boss blaring in the background.

 (side note: i don't actually like cake boss. paige + chad are obsessed and constantly have it playing at my house. it's their tlc drug of choice. have you noticed how much a exaggerator buddy is? like, buddy! we watched the footage! no one cried happy tears over your cake! but it kind of sucks you in. are they going to drop the cake?! is that really how you say fondant?! what is he going to do next?!)

oh, and a baby.

a baby. exclamation point! normally i think newborns kind of look like aliens. or turtles. or an alien turtle! i know, i'm heartless. and they're so boring. i need some interaction here! are you liking the way i'm singing? do you want me to burp you? why are you crying? what is the matter with you?!

(side note: don't think i am heartless. like, i want twelve thousand kids. my sister is living with us on + off for the summer and the other day i made her dinner + pretended she was my daughter + even called her my super secret favorite name for a girl. it was creepy. as. hail.)

but my sweet new niece (nephew? niece? i never know. i'm fairly sure i was absent for that lesson in elementary school. along with the lesson about telling time + how to sneeze and not project snot all over classmate. oops, my bad) kaliyani rose. dear heavens! she is perfect! and she has little baby snorts + pouty lips + not the teensiest bit of stranger danger. holding her amplified the joy i feel while watching the bachelorette and chugging diet coke by like, twelve happy points.

(side note: what do you measure happiness on? a scale? one time a boy...who i dated...wrote me a love note that had a picture attached where he said that i filled up his love-o-meter. the love-o-meter was measured in milliliters and only went to seventy. we broke up shortly after.)

and a phone dump, because what else am i good for?

babies holding babies. 
mckenzie has stupidly hot legs.

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jeff + i are headed up to spokane this weekend with my family. because it's our turn to go to them. ping to their pong. ha! see what i did there? i'm playing in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament which means lots of things but mostly thank heavens jeff is sealed to me for time + all eternity now, 'cause this girl gets mighty butch mighty fast in a pair of basketball shorts. holler!


  1. OKAY tan ethnic babies are my favorite. because duh, that is all brad is going to be good for. give me those babies with that golden skin!

  2. you are hilarious. this is exactly the type of blog that i always wanted, but never knew i wanted, to read.


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