elk river with da family.

Monday, June 17, 2013

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i went to idaho this past week. didn't i tell you? 

of course i didn't. because i'm the queen of irish exits. no but really i am! our home teacher in our last ward even told me so after we kind of just quietly and secretly moved into another apartment building one weekend. goodbyes are hard, you know? 

anyways! yes! twelve hours up to good ol' idaho. twelve hours by my lonesome. in a car. listening to a book on tape and having far too much time to think about things like the state of my cuticles and who is desiree going to pick this week?! (do we like brooks or do we not like brooks? these are the things i can't decide...)

but you know what? it was so worth it. what a vacation. i would say much-needed vacation but...i really didn't need it all that much. summer time living is pretty easy in these parts. hashtag humble brag. i didn't even set an alarm the whole five days i was there! and really just filled my days with long walks and diet dr. pepper runs to the new swanky gas station. because those are the type of things that makes moscow so...moscow-y. 

but elk river. oh, elk river. i halfway hope that i am a bystander to an awful crime and have to be in the witness protection program and relocate to that cute little town with almost 150 people. almost. 

phew! lots of photos. 

miss my family and miss my idaho already.

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  1. OH my goodness, I love cross eyed McKenzie!

  2. I'm craving that Huckleberry ice cream!

  3. beautiful pictures Brooke, my favorite is of mckenzie with her ice cream. she's a doll.


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