summer highlights : PAIGE in CA.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sometimes I kick myself for not keeping a better record of my life. Like, seriously. I fear that my great great grandchildren will only have an exhausting amount of selfies and thirteen poor journal attempts to remember me by. And maybe my bikini modeling legacy. It's fine. Anyways, happy things that I haven't made record of : ready, go!

My sister came to California for the month of July. She came at the perfect time. My lone quests to the beach were becoming slightly lonely + the workers at McDonalds started to know my name + order (large Diet Dr. Pepper in a styrofoam cup + a small ice cream, please!). In other words, Paige saved the day! 

highlights // to be remembered : 
+ s'mores every. single. night.
+ night swims in the pool + attempts at cheerleading. GO CATS.
+ hiking lido trail.
+ far too many banzai bowls.
+ dinner at strands. though it was gross. pick up stix is not my favers.
+ blueberry cake donuts at the beach.
+ trip to beverly hills // l.a. temple // runyon canyon.
+ fourth of july.
+ diet cokes + almond joy creamer.
+ irvine spectrum.
+ wood ranch sister wife date with jeff.
+ caffeine.
+ sugar.
+ food comas.
+ hiking saddleback with avery + blake.
+ sister time(!!!!!).


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