november the fourteenth : a day not wasted.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

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yesterday was my last day at my job. yes, the job i just started. yes, the job i was super excited about. retail is a soul-sucker, dudes. a part of my heart died every time i had to clear out a dressing room or pull a double zero pant for a tween who liked to loudly announce to her curvier friends that she was a double zero. ugh. such a hard life. i decided to have a little hallelujah celebration//day-cation all by my lonesome + turn off my alarm + neglect all phone calls + wear the exact same outfit i've worn the past three days because why not?! ugh. such a hard life.

also. let it be known : i darkened my hair yesterday. also known as dying it jet black for the time being. it's a tid bit darker than i was expecting + i am having a bit of an identity crisis. i feel a bit...goth? armenian? teen angsty? i've decided to give myself a week to figure out who brooke with the black hair really is (thus far, she really likes avocados) you know, as you do.

the real question remains : what exactly did i do on this day-cation?

took some selfies?
went to swig + sodalicious in provo + wrote a public service
announcement because, obviously, i take myself quite seriously.
wandered target. bought nothing.
got asked if i went to hair school.
pretended to go on a run?
ate an avocado.

the *almost* end.

also who are you people who look pretty posing with inanimate objects?!?! bolded. capitalized. exclamation point, question mark, exclamation point.
like, give me a baby or my jeffrey or something cause what the bologna sandwich am i doing with my face + hands?!


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