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Friday, November 15, 2013

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(these were my parting gift from my own job. tell my they remind you of kylie jenner because that would make all my wildest dreams come true! tell me!)

i debated starting this post all cute-like by saying:
brooke, here!
but it's my blog. so duh. brooke is here.


i'm currently sitting in my hotel room in *i'm being vague here, father dear. you will not have to use your 'special set of skills' or get all liam neeson on us...* california with friends playing in the background. i'm braless + slobbery from all of the diet dr. pepper i've consumed today because hi, a circle k is right around the corner...err, i mean...very far away? *being vague here!* i've taken like, sixty five baths already + have spread the contents of my suitcase neatly across the whole room. also i've spent around five hours staring at myself in the mirror + plucking my eyebrows.
i feel like the queen of the world!
i call this : my lone-cation.
...i seriously wish i could think of a better name...
yep, lone-cation it is.

i am here for a wedding tomorrow, yes, but i have a hotel room all to myself. and no plans (other than the wedding, le doi). it's a magical, magical time where i am discovering how disgusting i can be when left to my own devices. (...i am currently typing around a sticky spot from the cookie dough ice cream bar i just devoured).

also, speaking of weddings : this summer i stayed in the same hotel room as the bride's parents. ha! we each had our own twin bed + tried our hardest not to roll over + make eye contact during the night. ha.

and speaking of kylie jenner, on my third trip to the grocery store today it said that kimmy k. was post-poning the wedding due to kanye's botched proposal (marry me pleeeeeeease?!!!). and what the heck is going on with khloe + lamar?! i need answers! and a wet-wipe. this ice cream sandwich sticky spot is really making it difficult to type the letters xcv and b. oof.

happy friday, my people!


  1. your shoes TOTALLY remind me of kylie jenner. not kidding :)

  2. eyebrow love sessions are the absolute best. i'm with you on that.


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