Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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this week my family was here from idaho, washington + california to celebrate thanksgiving in utah with all my cousins. it was a lot of fun + a lot of people + a l o t of food + now my body is like, GOODBYE + i haven't moved off my couch / stopped sneezing since. woof.

also did i mention we got a puppy?
i know. i know.

we have been talking about getting a dog forever + especially wanted one before i got pregnant. but then that happened + time passed + we were like, welp. no dog. anyways, my sister mckenzie wanted to go look at puppies for fun + i'm sure you know how the story goes? i looked at him. he looked at me. i couldn't leave. i had to get him.

so world, meet milo cyrus stapleton + i looooooove him + his cow spots. 

he is a beagle-heeler...collie? maybe? the verdict is out on that one. he is super cute + mostly getting the hang of potty training + kennel training. except for yesterday when we went to costco + he sat on my lap + actually peed into my pocket. my phone is currently soaking in a bag of rice. oddly enough, i felt bad for him? how does that figure? is this a prequel to parenthood?
(this reminds me of the time i backed my mom's car into another car + declared I AM THE WORST DRIVER EVER!!!!! + somehow she felt bad for me for feeling so bad? parenthood. what.)

but, yeah. he's cute. we love him.
...except for that whole phone thing...update : still not working.


  1. He really is the cutest little dog! Plus, my girls may want to come live with you so they can see him more. HA HA HA! I'm the worst Mom EVER for not letting them have a dog. oh well. sigh.


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