a quick little thank you list :

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

- - - - -

because i skipped it on thanksgiving.
i am thankful for (in no particular order)...

* jeffrey
* my family on both sides.
* MILO!!!! all the heart eyes.
* friends.
* also friends the series.
* sunshine.
* pb + j sandwiches.
* the gilmore girls.
* my library card!
* naps.
* good times, bad times, rock 'n roll.
* funny people.
* eyelash extensions (when i can afford them) + a nice shellac.
* the gospel.
* apples. but only of the honeycrisp + pink lady variety.
* sweatpants + stretchy denim.
(as regina george would say, they "are all that fits me right now...")
* growing this baby!
* a body that can move + play (...and, at present, expand in every direction)
* bronzer + fake tanner. ain't ashamed.
* coconut oil, for it fixes all.
* phone calls. (i hate texting)
* ...except for purely in GIFS. i am thankful for GIFS.
* warm sheets.
* diet coke with cherry. in the can, thank you.
* a nice, mostly clean apartment.
* my sense of humor
(because sometimes life is rotten)
* chocolate chip cookies.
* a washer + dryer(!!!!!!).
* seasons.
* amazon prime // hulu // netflix. hehehe.

...and that's a wrap for today. i could go on + on, but i won't
because i hear most people are thankful for short-windedness.


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