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Sunday, December 29, 2013

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am i a jack wagon or is there something so charming about palm trees? i look like such a tourist pushing my way around people to get a good picture of 'em, but, i don't know, they remind me of a lanky friend who needs a comb. endearing, no?
succulents! remember when these were the new cupcake? i don't mind. i love a good succulent. i have some plastic ones from ikea that i keep on my desk and oh, the joy they bring me! the swedes do some good things, plastic succulents included. 

let. it. be. noted. (for time +, most especially, for posterity) this face just happens! i think jeff suffers from r.b.f. (resting witch-with-a-b face)(in my dreams, i'm ballsy enough to curse on my blog. also in my dreams i am always braless + have much better legs, so. you know.) because whose face just does this?!

things that are bueno bueno :
...or 'good.' that works too. 

+ 'saving mr. banks' : tom hanks holds a special place in my heart, a place that will always love every movie he is ever in + will forever and always think of him as the sweetest man in hollywood (and look, hollywood agrees!). that said, i loved it (of course, tom hanks!) + am committing to watching marry poppins the second i get my hands on a copy. also the music! sa-woon! 
let. it. be. noted. : brooke in real life rolls her eyes when people say things like sa-woon, 
but, but brooke on the blog, this brooke, says it all the time. so there's that. 

+ banzai bowls : i left completely satisfied + mostly guilt-free (...and also feeling like, hey! i could have made that in my vitamix at home!). even jeff stapleton approved it + that is a feat (jeff stapleton doesn't especially like ice cream, frozen yogurt, smoothies, milkshakes, or fun.)

+ 70 degree weather : is it totally un-american of me to say that a white christmas might be a touch overrated? (my idaho roots are wanting to jump right out of my body + slap me) we celebrated with weather in the seventies, sandals, + a game of volleyball (they played, i watched). yesterday while we were out, there were so many people in the shortest of shorts + they were comfortable. endless summer!

+ the burger king near jeff's house : they have flavored drinks and fresh lemons. sold. 

+ my new booties : the stapleton's done did it. i feel like my feet belong in a jungle safari + i ain't above that. 

+ forgetting what the sound of my alarm even sounds like : i love being busy + genuinely enjoy writing to-do lists put, pffffft. sleeping in + having zero obligations has been wonderful. i set my alarm (...for 10 a.m. ...) today + i was near startled by the sound of it. what is that thing? oh, christmas break. don't end. 


  1. I have been away from the blogging world for a Loooooong time. I have three kids. HA HA HA! But I'm back and this post made me laugh out loud! I love that you won't say bitchy but you will say ballsy! I love how you write, but it makes me miss you. Hope to see you soon! AND soak up some sun for me!


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