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Monday, December 23, 2013

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i always found myself rolling my eyes at the california kids at byu (lovingly! some of my nearest + dearest reign from california). the way that they would complain that they didn't have proper winter clothes "because they never experienced real winter before" + the way they'd gush about the weather + the ocean + the way that they were always tan and had good skin and how are you wearing vans and that skirt so effortlessly? 

now, i'm not backing down from my idaho is queen argument but the more i come here, the more i get it. i do. i wore jeans today just because i could, not because i had to. my upper ankle saw the sun, people (a note about my upper ankle : on the right side, they are hairy. i wear nine anklets on my right ankle + shaving around them is a pain so...hairy ankles it is!). there were people mowing their lawns happily + merrily + the neighbor kid was even cleaning his boat...because, assumedly, he had just been boating. what is this madness? who are these people? why are my ankles so white?! blasted.

to a stream-of-conscience list of events that have transpired this week and a picture of my face + my new water bottle just because it's almost christmas (and let's weigh in, folks. are my brows too thick? i'm aiming for camilla belle, not joe jonas over here!)(...on second thought, don't weigh in. i once made cookies that sucked + jokingly asked my church class to guess what went wrong + this girl starts liiiiiisting off all these things as i stood there + shot her death glares through courtesy laughs) :

:: i've watched three seasons of friends in two weeks + i keep playing that annoying game which friends character are you? with people + then i stop after they answer for me. it's purely selfish but i really want to know. so far i've got joey, a hint of phoebe, rachel, and, according to jeff, 'opposite-monica' because i'm so messy. oh, thanks! i'm satisfied but can't we all agree i'm a chandler because i. love. him. 

:: when i'm old + a mama goose, i am putting a big stamp sign on christmas presents. dude! there is absolutely nothing worse, i don't wish it upon any one. sure, i love and love and love again the thrill of giving + watching people's faces light up but when the only direction you have is 'brooklyn 99-esque' and 'something comfy' it is kind of the worst. also why are h&m's lines always so bloody long? oranges, for all! oranges all over! 

:: everyone in this house has had a nasty flu virus. jeff's brothers found a 'flu fighter' online that consists of apple cider vinegar + ...apple cider vinegar. i mix it with a little orange juice + call it my 'anti-flu cocktail' + mildly crave it. 

:: trader joe employees are awfully happy. all the time. i like that.

:: long ago, i decided that me + jimmy fallon would probably be friends in real life. i just think we would! truly and honestly, i fear ever meeting him. what if he doesn't like me like i think he will? what if we don't hit it off talking about his sweet daughter + our mutual love for justin timberlake (p.s. did anyone see jt's impersonation of fallon on snl this past week? on. point.) what if everything isn't 'sooooo cool' + 'sooooo great' between us? eeeeep.

:: is it a zuchinni or is it a squash or why, why, why

:: i largely overestimated how i look in a white tee-shirt when i was packing for this trip. yelk.

:: at what age do i have to start baking holiday treats for my neighbors? eighty seven? 

oh, and the picture of my face!
i'm feeling joe jonas. 


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