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Sunday, October 6, 2013

let it be noted : my computer is slowly dying. the disc drive is constantly jammed + it constantly overheats + my spacebar is testy. so! if my sentences all starttolooklikethis...you'll know why. darn you, steve jobs! (on another note, jeff + i saw his movie on monday at the dollar movie. one enthusiastic thumb up!)

- - - - - -

it's october. when exactly did this happen? like, i fully understand that it happened the day after september 30th but reaaaaaally?! i was just getting over summer + now i am all consumed in pumpkin spice everything and sweating from every pore in my body because utah can't decide what the weather is (mid-40's in the morning + 80 degrees in the afternoon? what do i even wear anymore?!).

now, for some catch-up:

:: i'm employed! i decided to get a job on a whim + am now working as a b.p. sale's associate at nordstrom aaaaaand blowing every paycheck on the new inventory because oops. i like it! i feel like passionately talking about leggings + the sweater of the month is kind of what i was made for. kind of.

:: i shot a wedding in northern california a week ago. i stayed with the bride's parents who were straight out of georgia. after only two hours of talking with them, i started talking with a heavy southern drawl + calling people yankees. woops.

:: 'fixed on drama' by m.a.c. dudes! get it! it makes you feel so dark + romantic + dreamy.

:: when did i become one of those people who coos over pretty sunrises?! i lived on a street called 'sunrise drive' for pete's sake! but lately utah has been delivering. also it's been like, a month since i started yoga + i've only audibly tooted once. in a silent class. full of people i didn't know. oh! the tragedy! we were moving from 'shoulder stand' to 'fish pose' + poof! out it came! namaste, yogis. namaste.

:: sexy gym date with my morgan boo. side note : this is a rare september moment where her + jeff weren't glued to the television watching breaking bad or texting feverishly about it. did you all watch the season finale?! jesse! be free!

...and that's about it. october! october! october!
(i drew a blank on how to gracefully end this. chanting the month of october just felt right.)


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