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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

leaving my keys (and my spare key!) inside my car and sitting on a curb taking pictures as jeff fished them out with a hanger and stick (…for FOUR hours!)(also, he gathered quite the crowd! ha. the citizens of provo know quality entertainment when they see it!)//admiring my ring in the march sun//awful waffle (i suggest the pesto chicken crepe!)//pretty cherry blossoms//SUNglasses because it was SUNNY! (…and yes, i see my hand reflection in my sunglasses too…front-flip cameras might be the death of me…)//delicious creamsicles//rocking the university of idaho shirt :)//SHORTS!//my new coral sandals//watching the real salt lake soccer game//sugar.//provo at six in the morning–lucky little family(…i locked myself out of my dorm on saturday and had to wait till EIGHT in the morning to get back in)!
*also please note all the pictures of sugary foods. jeff and i realized that wedding pictures last FOREVER and thought it was time to kick it into gear and try (read: TRY) to eat a little healthier (read: refraining from eating so many crispy fries and chicken bakes). we decided that deprivation leads to depression which leads to unhappiness…so saturdays are fat-urdays. we can eat WHATEVER we want! this saturday we CRASHED. ha. orange popsicles, coke, carrot cake, syrupy waffles with extra whipped cream, cheesy nachos, buttery popcorn, orange soda, skittles, strawberry cheesecake…it got real fat, real fast! i ended the night with a sugar headache and a stomach ache…oh, faturday.


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