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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My mother helped me move down to Provotown and we spent the week munching on crispy green beans from P.F. Chang’s and mushroom burgers from Smashburger. Freshman orientation is finally over which hopefully means that the extreme enthusiasm will calm down a bit and I will no longer have to hug people I have never met before (I don’t like hugging people I just met; it’s such a commitment, being so well-endowed and all…).
Anyways, keeping in theme with uninspired posts, here’s a bunch of pictures of things that make me really happy (and that are also all conveniently in a 4-foot radius of me in my little cozy dorm room):  
1. calf-hair cheetah print loafers…on my feets!; 2. new, most-favorite M.A.C. lipstick, chatterbox. a girl at p.f. chang’s was wearing this and i’m so glad my obscene friendliness paid off!; 3. new theme! do you like it? it’s sophisticated, like buying in bulk!; 4. idaho! it’s fabric and it irons right on to the wall and my mom made it and it’s so cool (DIY here); 5. a little farewell card from my mother where she discloses that i am, in fact, the golden child; 6. pink lady apples! basket!


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