valentine's weekend // california

Monday, February 15, 2016

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this weekend we skipped town with my sister + headed for some warmth + some in-law mooching. viva california! (...we are the moochiest) it was SO nice to lay in the sun + get a tan. i honestly forgot what it was like to feel swarm + sweat because i was hot, not because i was nervous. ha. i'm an ogre.

we spent one thrilling night in vegas where we snuck milo into the hotel e.t. style. i think he passed as a swaddled up baby UNTIL his tail popped out of the blanket and started wagging. BUT COME ON. we were in a cheap hotel in vegas -- i'm sure people were sneaking in far, far, far worse. right? ha. 

the first day in california we spent at the beach all day. it was 80 something degrees. HEAVEN. milo spent most of the time digging a hole? he does not know how to relax. also you're welcome for the super graphic bikini picture. ha. i have never felt more in-shape + swimsuit ready in my life then i do now. i was literally pounding pb + j sandwiches before the beach because who cares? all the carbs. the carbier the better. 

the next day we spent walking the beach + attending a wedding. they had a pasta bar which obviously i was pumped about. seriously, i think if i only had one word to sum up this pregnancy it would be GLUTEN! in all caps with an exclamation point. can not get enough.

the next day, we went to church, went to the beach again only to be rained out + relaxed at home. also i caught up on all my shows + can now safely say that i have kept up with the kardashians...and really, really want an invite to kris's next birthday party. ugh. she looks so good.

now, back to the cold!
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